Jamones Nevadensis

Jamones Nevadensis is a family run business of artisan producers which can be traced back almost 200 years. They are true experts committed to the philosophy of producing the finest hams in the world using only traditional craftsmanship. Through this dedication to excellence, they have perfected a 100% natural curation process which is free from artificial preservatives and dyes.

Located in the beautiful Natural National Park of Sierra Nevada with the cold and clean air of the Trevélez mountain range, they use the natural microclimate of the region to produce the finest Spanish ham. This environment combined with a long and slow aging process, creates a distinctive yet subtle flavour profile and in 2005 Trevelez ham was awarded an EU protective designation (PGI) in recognition of its unique characteristics.

Trevélez ham has long enjoyed fame for its special flavour and in 1862 Queen Isabel II of Spain granted the royal seal to identify the authenticity of Trevelez ham. Today each piece retains the seal on its traditional stamp.

Jamones Nevadensis Producer