Simón Martín is one of the most traditional producers of Jamón ibérico in Spain. The "Secadero" was founded in 1907 in the town of Guijuelo (the Salamanca region) by his great- grandfather to dry cure hams from the Iberian pigs on his farm. 

The company has grown over four generations but has not forgotten that the most important thing is to have a quality product. Therefore, they have extensive Dehesa (oak groves), where their own Iberian pigs run wild. The optimal drying process of the ham is ensured by the high altitude of the "secadero" (1100m above the sea level) and the favourable climate influenced by the location between two mountains (Sierra de Gredos y Béjar). Simón Martín prides himself on the fact that the art of ham production and drying has been passed down from generation to generation and remains true to the original "recipe" of 1907, ie.using only high-quality meat and salt without any chemical additives or preservatives.

Simon Martin with jamon

The current owner of the company, Simon Martín, is a true mountaineer. He spends most of his time in oak groves, studying the latest details on the acorn harvest. When he does not talk about his hams (which he allegedly dreams of), he can talk nicely about the history of his family, who never left their craft even during the civil war in Spain. 

Simón Martín holds international awards for the quality and taste of his Iberian ham. He has been repeatedly awarded gold medals at the IFFA International Meat Products Fair in Frankfurt. Above all, however, his ham is very popular in Spain, where his ham is ranked among the best along with the hams from Dehesa Malada and Joselito.