JAMON.CO.UK is a collaboration between friends who share a love of great food and discovering authentic new experiences. We are a modern business that values and respects tradition. We have partnered together to provide a new approach to sourcing authentic, gourmet Spanish foods that are free from chemical additives and preservatives. These products are often difficult to find in the UK and it is our mission to change this. 


We are passionate supporters of small producers and believe that in a world of mass production, the best quality can still be found in traditional skilled craftsmanship. These producers have a rich heritage which goes back several generations. They produce in small quantities to ensure quality and this means they are often overlooked by the larger importers who focus on volume. For us, quality is more important and through our partnerships, we are able to bring these products exclusively to the UK. 


We also share real concerns around the chemical additives that are widely used in Jamon production and believe there must be a better way. Not only do these additives come with associated health risks but they are completely unnecessary when high quality, traditional production methods are used. Our experience shows that products that don’t rely on these additives are simply better and therefore all of our products are additive free.


We work directly with carefully selected suppliers that we know, have visited and can trust. It is a major advantage that half of our team are based in Andalusia and have been working with some of the best small producers in the region since 2011. As such, we can personally vouch for the quality of their products, ingredients and the production methods they use.


We partner directly with producers and import their products to our UK warehouse, cutting out distributors and middle men. This means we can offer competitive pricing on both the products and UK delivery costs.  


We understand that you don’t want to wait a week for a Jamon to be sent directly from Spain. All our orders are supplied directly from our UK headquarters to reduce delivery costs and waiting times (vs. shipping orders directly from Spain). We also offer free next day delivery for orders over £50 (full delivery options here.) 


We are a UK Limited Company and our goal is to deliver the best possible customer experience. We are not a corporate giant but a group of friends passionate about great food and we value feedback. If you are not completely satisfied with your order we have a clear refund policy and will always aim to resolve any issues quickly and fairly.  

…and remember, all of our products are hand-selected, quality assured and 100% additive free.