Jamones Granadul

José Miguel Rodriguez is the owner and Master Secadero of Jamones Granadul - one of the oldest traditional producers of Jamon in the mountainous Sierra Nevada region of Andalucia. He represents the fifth generation but remains true to the ideals instilled by his Great-Grandfather back in the 19th century - a dedication to quality and tradition. Over the course of several generations, the firm has experienced many interesting upheavals and coups (for example, in 1938 Franco's troops invaded Granadul's premises and confiscated all production for war purposes), but although social conditions were constantly changing, the Jamon drying method remained unchanged.

Today, Jamones Granadul is one of the few remaining producers that has not abandoned the traditional method of dry curing ham in the fresh mountain air. While other manufacturers artificially speed up the drying process with chemical accelerators and air-conditioned chambers, José Miguel lets his ham mature naturally for up to 6 months longer. This natural curation process allows the subtle, characteristic flavours of the ham to develop and produces a truly exceptional product.

jamones granadul