The current owner of El Negrillón is Juan José Martín García and belongs to the second generation, who has taken over the company's management.

The family-run company El Negrillón is a firm supporter of the traditional production of Jamon and dried salami without any chemical preservatives and dyes. It is located in the area of ​​León, known for its tradition of cecina production. The excellent weather conditions influenced by the proximity of the Picos de Europa mountains and the altitude of just under 1,000 meters are ideal conditions for very slow drying of Jamon and salami. It is thanks to the extremely slow-drying process that El Negrillón products have a very intense taste that you will never forget.


All El Negrillón products (except Cecina, which is beef) are made from pork from Duroc pigs. Duroc pigs, like Iberian pigs, have greater fat infiltration into the muscle tissue. This gives Duroc products much higher quality and juiciness. Duroc is also the only race with which Iberian pigs can officially be crossed without losing their Iberian pig certification.