Cleaning artichokes might look difficult for many, but luckily we have this easy step-by-step video to help you master this skill in no time!

Artichokes are not only delicious, but they are really good for you too. Loaded with nutrients, this antioxidant-rich, healthy whole food provides you with lots of fibre and can have many health benefits too (lower "bad" cholesterol and increase "good" cholesterol, lower blood sugar, improve digestive and liver health).

Many people might be discouraged by the look of the outside thorny leaves, but the "heart" of the artichoke is very yummy and definitely should not be missing on your plate.

We believe that seeing how easy it is to clean an artichoke can make more people want to eat them. That's why we have decided to create and share our latest video on our YouTube Channel.

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1. Wash the artichokes in cold water and put on a chopping board. Carefully slice off the side leaves, slowly rotating the body of the artichoke. Use a very sharp or serrated bread knife.

2. Trim the excess top of the stem, leaving about an inch.

3. Slice off the top of the artichoke - about 3/4 inch to an inch off the tip of the artichoke. 

4. Cut the remaining stem into few parts as shown in the video and peel off the remaining leaves with your hands.

5. Cover the cleaned artichoke in some fresh lemon juice to prevent from turning brown due to the enzymatic browning and chlorophyll oxidation. 

6. Boil, steam or fry and enjoy!


Artichokes are widely popular in Mediterranean cuisine. In Spain, the smaller, younger, therefore tenderer artichokes are used.

How about sprinkling them with some olive oil and leaving in hot ashes in a barbecue? These can also be sautéed in olive oil with garlic, or sautéed and combined with eggs in a tortilla (frittata). And of course, we cannot forget to mention the artichokes with rice in paella. Delicious!