Sat Labrador (Laguna de Fuente de Piedra brand), run by the Lopéz family, is an over 200-year-old family business that specializes in producing the best olive juice (they don't like to call it olive oil) from its beautiful olive groves on the shores of the Inland Saline Lagoon "de Fuente de Piedra".

They are honest, distrustful, conservative and somewhat old-fashioned people who consider their mission to sacrifice their lives to their olive groves. They refuse advertising and any modern communication tools because they believe that all this is kind of an insulting to their first-class olive oil.


Rosario, the daughter of Mr Lopez, who is in charge of customer relations, told us once: "Advertising is for those who have the wrong product and need to convince the public of the opposite. We have been producing olive oil for 200 years and never needed any advertising. There is no place in the world to offer you better and more personalized olive oil, isn't that the best kind of promotion? That is why we do not want any certificates, denominations, membership in associations because that way we would only be equated to someone who can't even hold a candle to us."


The olive groves are located on the shores of a unique salt lagoon, where you can spot pink flamingos in the season. Although the lagoon is only 50 km from the Mediterranean Sea, the local climate has an extremely continental character thanks to the protective mountain wall separating it from the sea. Winters are frosty and summers are hot. 

The extreme climate creates ideal conditions for growing the finest olives. Exceptionally low winter temperatures and hot summers destroy dangerous insects, but they do not reach temperatures so extreme as to destroy the fruits themselves. Thus, the crop does not reach volumes in warmer and humid areas but achieves much higher quality and character without the need for any chemical means. 

Moreover, the lagoon is located in an area with extremely low precipitation, which increases the content of water-soluble substances in olives, especially polyphenols, which increase the stability of the oil and strengthen its character.

olive tree grove



Olive groves extend over the shores of the salt lagoon. The oldest trees are 200 years old and thus remember not only Napoleon but also the founder of the olive farm, Mr. Lopez, great-grandfather of the current owners. 

The distinction between the varieties is clear from a distance. Big and hairy lechine, skinny vidueña, blond arbequina and so on. You can find 7 different varieties in Sat Labrador's orchards, of which they obtain exclusively cold-pressed single-variety olive oils. Each variety has its own peculiar character and even inexperienced people will soon recognize by the aroma and taste the huge differences that exist between the oils of each variety. Rosario argues that it is totally unimaginable for her to obtain oil from foreign olives. "If you don't know every tree and every person harvesting that tree, you can never guarantee the quality of your oil."


The unique conditions and dry climate result in extremely low acidity (does not exceed 0.1%) and exceptionally strong character of the olive oils. The olive oils from the Lagoon de Fuente de Piedra are ranked as one of the best in all Spanish Olive Oils competitions every year.