unique gifts for men

If you are looking for a unique gift any foodie would appreciate, you've come to the right place. We have two great men gift sets for you to choose from.


Would you agree that every jamon lover would be delighted to receive a Jamon gift set on this special day? JAMONNATURAL PALETA SERRANO GRAN RESERVA GIFT SET contains a quality Jamon Apron, a sturdy pine wood stand (sourced sustainably) and a long, flexible knife for slicing.

We have also included our easy-to-follow cutting guide which will help you master the basics of safely slicing and serving ham.



This extra virgin olive oil tasting set combines the three signature Extra Virgin olive oil varieties from the award-winning producer - LA LAGUNA DE FUENTE DE PIEDRA.

Each variety comes in a generous 0.5 ltr sample and is presented in a gift box. This set is perfect as a gift for a food enthusiast as it will allow them to savour some of the finest extra virgin olive oils available - all 100% natural and with acidity levels less than 0.1%.

Oil from the latest harvest 2021/2022 

We hope that this year your family will be celebrating special occasions like today or Xmas together, but if it's not possible, we can add a personal message in our gift sets too.