whole squid

Cleaning squid is quite easy and you do not need any special tools or skills. Simply separate the body from the head, empty the body cavity, remove the top layer of the skin and cut off the tentacles. Done!

Step by Step Guide

1. Rinse the squid under some running water. Focus on the tentacles, which tend to have sand residue in the suction cups.

2. Pull out the tentacles with the head and guts out of the bell-shaped body.

cleaning squid 1

Separate the head from the body with a gentle pull.

3. Use your finger to empty the remaining innards from the squid body. Pull out the cuttlebone as well - a transparent oblong structure resembling plastic.

cleaning squid 2

The squid bone is transparent, flexible and looks like it is made of plastic

4. Get rid of the surface pigment membrane by simply peeling off.

cleaning squid 3

The surface membrane is easy to remove.

5. Cut off, or in the case of smaller squid, tear off the tentacles from the head.

cleaning squid 4

Indicated in red is the place where to cut off or tear off the tentacles.

6. You will probably be left with a so-called pico (hard tissue beak) on the underside of the tentacles. Press the root of the tentacles and the beak will come out on its own.

cleaning squid 5

A small beak must be removed from under the tentacles, which is dark in larger individuals

7. Pat dry the squid carefully before any further use. Your squid is ready for cooking.

cleaned squid