Great taste 2022 awards

Simón Martín Jamón Ibérico Cebo de Campo

⭐️⭐️  Star rating 2-Star  ⭐️⭐️ 


Guild of Fine Food Great Taste - Judges Comments:


"Thin slices of ham, with a generous proportion of silky fat that melts in the mouth. On the palate, the deeply savoury aspects open out into sweetness and a clean, umami finish. The flesh offers a toothsome bite without too much chew."


"A good meld of lean and fat, with glossy pink meat. While light in aroma, there is pleasing depth of flavour allied to enjoyable tenderness. We enjoyed the balance of sweetness and gentle acidity, the sense of sound maturation, and the clean finish. While it cannot quite match the complexity of Bellota, this Cebo certainly does not disappoint, and delivers the level of flavour one would anticipate from 20 months' ageing."


"This Jamon looked enticingly glossy, with lots of fat evident in the strips of our sample. The aroma was instantly appealing, rich and meaty. On the mouth, it was buttery and melty and the use of salt was well considered. The flavours were full of character and flavours that lingered pleasantly for quite some time. A beautiful product."


"Great aroma, good amount of fat on the meat. Saltiness is balanced and the meat is very juicy. Aged flavours and the quality of meat is very good."


"Lovely deep burgundy colour, this ham offered a deep, meaty flavour and light, clean taste. The fat is full of flavour and well cured, with no hint of greasiness - a very pleasant entry level ham."


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