We are the first and only UK company to exclusively import additive free Jamon from Spain. All of our products are additive free and this means you will not find Nitrates, Colourants or Flavour Enhancers in our meats. These chemical additives are widely used in modern Jamon production and unless the product explicitly states otherwise, they have probably been used.


Our Jamon matures naturally in the mountain air for 8 to 36 months, depending on the type and size of the ham. The maturing process is not artificially accelerating in air-conditioned warehouses, as is the case with most manufacturers in Spain, and the flavour combined with fragrance achieves a balance and intensity that is incomparable with industrially produced products.    


The use of salt is key in the natural curing process and this needs to be carefully managed to ensure it never suppresses the delicate flavour of the final product. The producers we work with have perfected this technique over generations and this allows them to dry cure the meat with relatively low salt content and of course, without the use of chemical additives.


We have the advantage that half our team are based in Spain working directly with producers and they check each assignment individually before they are shipped to the UK. We are confident that we are working with some of the best producers in Spain and this additional check is to ensure we provide the best quality products available. Each ham also has a unique identifier and we can trace each item back to the source.


All Jamon is stored within our UK Warehouse which is designed to replicate the optimal storage conditions found in traditional Spanish cellars or Bodega. Humidity and temperature are controlled and with short delivery times this helps ensure you receive the product in perfect condition

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