One of the most iconic recipes of Mediterranean cuisine and of Spanish cuisine in general. Fried peppers are present in many dishes as the perfect garnish for fish and meat, as well as sandwiches and empanadas, without forgetting the flavour they add to a good potato omelette.


1 kg green peppers ( Padron peppers if possible)

215 ml extra virgin olive oil

sea salt



  1. Wash the peppers well.
  2. Fry the peppers in a frying pan with at least 1 inch of extra virgin olive oil over medium heat from both sides.
  3. When tender (try it with a fork) remove from the frying pan and place them on a paper towel. Salt and serve (usually without peeling them, unlike when roasted).


The best time of the year to prepare fried pepper is no doubt in the summer months. The variety of peppers is overwhelmingly extensive and there are different varieties better or worse suited for frying. The best ones are the Italian or crystal peppers, those from Padrón and the peppers from Guernika (Choriceros).